About Us

The Little Rose Shelter is a refuge that provides shelter, care, education, and assistance for young girls who are at high-risk for, or are survivors of, sexual abuse or trafficking in Vietnam. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to building a network of local collaborators in preventing school drop-outs, child labor exploitation, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse and human trafficking. Since 1992, Little Rose has helped hundreds of Vietnamese girls build positive futures for themselves by offering them psychological rehabilitation, opportunities to go to school, free healthcare and a supportive, loving environment to grow.

Mission: Through advocacy, capacity building, direct services and political action, the Little Rose Warm Shelter is committed to providing the resources necessary for girls who deal with especially difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh City lead safe and happy lives.

Our values: Equality, Children’s rights, Professionalism, Sustainability, Commitment

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