Since 1992, 760 girls have received services from LRWS and thousands of beneficiaries, students and community leaders have received training about the prevention of child sexual abuse and children’s rights advocacy.  Among our beneficiaries, at least one or two score high enough on her high school exit exams to go into a University every year.  About half have a job when they graduate from the shelter and about a third are fully trained in a vocation.  We have also provided a healthcare visit and a psychological counseling session to every girl who has entered our shelter.

On the advocacy side, we have distributed 600 copies of contextualized DVD, “Breaking the Silence”, an animation film, to competent governmental bodies for internal circulation. We were able to translate and distribute 3000 manuals and 3000 storybooks of “Good Boy”, “Daughter” and “Red Leaves Falling”, materials which were approved by 48 participants of the Consulting Workshop on Advocacy Materials in the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse consisting of LRWS and various NGOS, governmental organizations, psychologists and experts in education and social services.  In addition, direct advocacy activities are ongoing.  Training sessions conducted in June 2010 targeted 609 children throughout Ho Chi Minh City and 60 students of the University of Labor and Social Affairs.

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