Volunteers’ Stories

Caroline Kang,  August 2010 – January 2011

Caroline is a student of Smith College in Massachusetts.  She worked for Little Rose through CET, a study abroad program for a semester.

November 05: 2:30- 5:50pm

The girls and I danced and played in the pouring rain- there was no music but just the screaming sounds of girls trying take each other down in a rough rugby-esque game of tag.

Troi oi….bahahaha but t’was all in good fun.


When I sat with Sang for a little bit on the ledge of a doorway, we didn’t talk much and instead mostly sat in silence looking out onto the courtyard. Our initial conversation had petered out due to the language barrier and halting awkward silences. Sang had been the most distant and difficult girl to get to know but lately things have been changing between us. She would gleefully call out, “hey carol-face” when I walked through the gate, and tease my horrible Vietnamese. 

But there it was, the big elephant quietly taking up the corner of a room. I couldn’t ignore how much the language barrier affected the girls and my relationship anymore. It was something that was so so difficult to come to terms with- no matter how close the girls and I became, there would always be that barrier. With that resting quite heavily on my mind, I started to pack my things, frustrated and upset. When I got ready to leave however, Sang came up to me and wrapped a bracelet around my wrist- something she had made a couple of minutes before. She didn’t saying anything else other than, “cho chi.” (for you). And in that moment, my heart squeezed painfully with all the things I wanted to express but couldn’t. So I just stammered out a “thank you.”  Thank you.  It was a friendship bracelet.

Mimi Chau, Summer 2011

A recent graduate from Stanford University, Mimi worked on grant writing and outreach for Little Rose.  Her time  with the girls and the staff was an incredible and formative learning experience.

Chloe Fitzmaurice and Michelle Tang, Summer 2011

Chloe and Michelle were volunteers at Little Rose from Santa Clara University, who found Little Rose online when researching organizations in Vietnam to volunteer with through their summer social justice fellowship. They assisted on some of the outreach projects and had a lot of fun playing with the girls!

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